Electric Golf Cart Detailed Structures

○ Chassis

Aluminium-alloy double girder. Double-girder structure offers larger bearing capacity, better impact resistance, high strength and makes the underframe more steady. Aluminium grider never gets rusty. Interior and exterior surface of steel support frame is processed by electrophoresis for enhancing the corrosion resistance performance of the underframe.  

○ Front Suspension

Independent-suspension double swing arm system, right and left wheel respectively and independently moves without interfering with each other. Good ground adhesive force on up-and-down ground, giving smooth and plain driving experience; comfortable and ease feeling. 

○ Rear Suspension

One-body type suspension with independent springs, smooth, steady and comfortable.

○ AC Controller

Curtis intelligent AC frequency-control system greatly increases the energy efficiency of electricity utilization, enlarges the safety factor, truly realizes the functions like traveling fast uphill and slow downhill. And it is installed with self-developed software to maximize the performances of the vehicle.

○ AC Brushless Motor

By using the intelligent AC frequency-conversion brushless motor, the frequency of daily maintenance and replacement of quick-wear parts is greatly reduced, in addition, twisting force of this motor is 1.5 times of a DC motor. With this motor the power of the vehicle is stronger and capacity of traveling uphill is larger. Also the motor is installed with a 64 pulse precision sensor which offers smooth driving experience; also a temperature sensor is equipped for the controller to better monitor the motor condition and hence guarantees the power.

○ Oil-electric Hybric Device

Intelligent oil-electric hybrid device is equipped with auto start-stop function that it will automatically start to charge the battery when it is out of power or automatically stop the motor when power installed in the battery is sufficient.

 ○ Continuously Variable Transmission Rear Axle

Tri-axial hardened tooth surface gear transmission, installed with a differential mechanism to make cart turnings more flexible and smooth, reducing tyre wear. Aluminium-alloy die casting box is light and durable, and has good air tightness condition without oil leakage. 

  ○ Dual Speed Ratio Rear Axle

Intelligent gear-shifting dual speed ratio drive axle. It will shift to high speed ratio when climbing slopes in order to increase the torque and decrease the electric current, and then will automatically shift to low speed ratio upon starting the cart in order to increase the cart speed. It offers large horsepower though the power is small, and thus it meets the requirements on speed and also offers sufficient uphill capacity and prolongs the endurance mileage of the cart.

  ○ Differential Lock Technology 

Increase vehicle's passing capacity under bad road conditions such as mud etc, even one of the wheels loses traction and is slipping, the vehicle can escape from being stuck.

○ Battery Box And Battery Pack

Closed type PP plastic battery box has strong toughness and is durable. It is able to prevent battery fluid from overflowing and then corrode the cart.

○ Battery 

USA imported Trojan battery.

○ PP Plastic Protective Box For Electric Appearance 

PP plastic protective box for electric appliance: effective water-proof and dust-prevention performance, ensure the continuous regular running of electrical apparatus elements.

○ Instrument

Record battery capacity, prevent deep discharge, record the travel time and mileages of the cart, display light signal.

○ Light

Beautiful design of LED lighting system at rear wheels section, electricity saving and durable.

○ Wiring Harnesst

Electrical system is installed with water-proof connector assembly and Chinese-standard 41-52 core tinned wire. Good thermal stability, wear-resisting and electrical insulation property, and other features like strong-acid resistance, corrosion resistance, fire resistance and non-combustible, high oxygen index, non-aging and fast transmission speed, etc.

 ○ Pedal

Horizontal type integral brake accelerator pedal assembly: the accelerator is adopted with hall sensor. The mandrel system has nylon lining so that it is wear resistant, and no need to inject oil for maintenance. Stable structure and high operability.

 ○ Brake

Hydraulic dual-pipeline four-wheel disc brake system, safe and durable with steady and smooth brake, easy to be maintained.

○ Bearing Pedestal

The bearing pedestal is adopted with tapered roller bearings with high bearing capacity and is more durable. The stability of the whole conical bearing is so high that it can still offers longer service life under the situation of lacking maintenance.

○ Underbody

The underbody of the cart is made of high-strength PP plastics and thus it will never get rusty and has high impact strength and light weight.

○ PP Engineering Plastics Of Entire Cart

The entire cart is made of PP engineering plastics, which offers strong corrosion resistance, better shock resistance and is more environmentally friendly.

○ Cushion 

Artificial leather that is water-proof, ultraviolet-proof and scratch resistant, and has function like corrosion resistance; inside the cushion the material is high-elasticity cotton.

○ Vehicle-mounted Charger

Full auto efficient impulse type vehicle-mounted charger. The charger is carried on the cart and it has auto-winding device. Easy and quick charging.

 ○ Charging Generator

Full auto transformer type charging generator, stable and reliable.

  ○ Tyre 

Imported 205/50-10 tyres, better wear resistance.