6M Standards

Be focused on intelligent AC variable frequency technology, Ruida launched the 6M standards in electric field vehicle industry.

Longer Range

AC system can save 30% electricity, the range ability has increase 30% over traditional electric vehicle.

Easier Maintenance

AC motors without graphite brush greatly reduce daily maintenance and replacement of wearing parts.

Better Safety Performance

Induction type acceleration system delivers stable speed when going up/down slopes, four wheel disc brake, automatic park functions.

Better Climbing Capability

The torque is 1.5 time of traditional imported vehicle, so Ruida electric vehicles have better climbing capability.

Faster Forward Speed

Stronger power enables the maximum forward speed to reach 60 km/h.

Better Handling Performance

Our independently developed electric control software brings the vehicle performance to the extreme, with excellent handling and     give pleasure to riders.

10 Core Technologies

With the R&D and application of 10 core technologies, Ruida has mastered core technology of intelligent AC variable frequency.

☆ AC Controller 

Uses USA Curtis 1234 AC intelligent control system, increased the electric control carrying current, increased safety coefficient, truly achieved features such as fast ascending, slow descending, etc.

☆ AC Brushless Motor

Uses AC brushless motor, reduced daily maintenance and replacement of wearing parts. The torque is 1.5 time of traditional imported vehicle,so the vehicle has stronger power.


☆ Independently Developed Electric Control Software

Our independently developed electric controll software efficiently increased the work compatibility between vehicle parts, bring the vehicle performance to the extreme.

☆ Sensor System

The motor is equipped with 64 pulse accurate sensors so the vehicle can run more smoothly and freely as you can monitor the motor conditions, futher ensuring the power.

☆ Oil Electricity Hybrid Technology

Gas online power generator(range- extender), can add unlimited mileage.

☆ Differential Lock Technology

Increase vehicle's passing capacity under bad road conditions such as mud, etc, even one of the wheels loses traction and is slipping, the vehicle can still escape from being stuck.

☆ Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brake Technology

Four wheel hydraulic disc brake are used, which have stable brakes, fast response, safety and reliability, easy maintenance, the anti-aging brake oil pipes are very endurable.

☆ Independent Park Technology

We have independent patent, you no longer need to step on the brake to park, which can effectively prevent accidents from happening.

☆ Independent Suspension System Technology

Independent suspension system are used, left and right wheels are coating independently without interfering each other. It has good ground traction even on bumpy roads, and drives smoothly; the ride is comfortable and natural.

☆ High Strength Aluminum Alloy Chassis

Aluminum alloy girdle, light-weighting body, high strength and very durable. Steel supporting frame undergoes cataphoresis on the inside and outside to increase corrosion resistance of the chassis.