6 Seater Wheelchair Cart

Ruida wheelchair cart is based on ergonomic design. We independently developed in the R and D software, it can make the control performance of the vehicle to be prefer and remarkable. Ruida electric vehicle is your best choice, wherever the golf course, tourism area, large-scale community, park, school, holiday village and so on.


1. It has high strength aluminum alloy chassis, so it can be applied to all kinds of road conditions.  

2. The torque 1.5 time of traditional imported vehicle, so Ruida electric vehicles have better climbing capability.  

3. Independent suspension system are used. It has good around traction even on bumpy roads, and drives smoothly. The ride is comfortable and natural.  

4. Stronger power enables the maximum forward speed to reach 18-33 Km/h.


Color: White

Seating Capacity: 6 persons  

Max Speed: 18-33 Km/h  

Travelling Range: 90-110 Km  

Climbing Capacity: ≧30% 

Minimum Turning Radius: 3.7 m  

Net Weight: 390 Kg

Wheel Base :3290 mm


Power Source: 48V AC  

Motor: AC 5kw (with electromagnetic brake)Used AC brushless motor,reduced daily maintance and replacement of wearing parts.   

Controller: USA CURTIS:1234-5371/AC 350A  

Charger: Transformer type charger 48V 17A

Battery: Trojan T-875 8V 170AH*6PCS

Rear Axle : CVT rear axle (exclusive imported product)

Brake system :  Four wheel disc brake


Steering: Dual direction gear, rack steering system (automatic gap compensation function)